Bishop Kevin W. Vann

Birthday: 10 May 1951

Bachelor’s in Medical Technology – Milliken University, Decatur, IL
Theology – Kenrick-Glennon Seminary, St. Louis, MO
Doctorate of Canon Law – Angelicum, Rome, Italy

Ordination: 30 May 1981
Episcopate: 13 July 2005
Facebook Twitter 714-282-3000

Bishop Kevin W. Vann on the Issues

Viganò testimony

Supports investigating Archbishop Viganò’s claims
  • In a letter released August 29, 2018, Bishop Vann said “I see Archbishop Viganò as a man of integrity, having known him for many years.” Vann called on the Pope to “ensure that a competent investigation be undertaken swiftly” and that “just penalties should be imposed upon those found guilty.” He urged Catholics to pray for abuse victims as well as Pope Francis during “these difficult days.” (Orange County Catholic)

Amoris Laetitia

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Pro-life leadership

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  • In 2017, Bishop Vann invited a radical Jesuit priest who supports gay “marriage” to serve as the keynote speaker for a 1,500 person event in his diocese. Despite hundreds of lay Catholics protesting the invitation, Bishop Vann allowed him to speak, even though he was aware of his views on marriage. The priest was also a well-known supporter of women’s ordination to the priesthood. (LifeSiteNews)

Abortion politics

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  • While serving as bishop of Fort Worth, Texas in 2008, Vann issued a statement rejecting voting for pro-abortion politicians. “To vote for a candidate who supports the intrinsic evil of abortion or ‘abortion rights’ when there is a morally acceptable alternative would be to cooperate in the evil – and, therefore, morally impermissible,” the letter said. (American Life League)
  • In 2004, Bishop Vann was pastor at Blessed Sacrament Church in Springfield, Illinois. At the time, Vann said he would be reluctant to give Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin Holy Communion because of his lack of unity with the Church’s teaching on life. (National Catholic Register)


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  • Bishop Vann, along with other North Texas bishops, issued a statement condemning the Affordable Care Act mandate which required employers to provide health insurance that covers contraception. Vann called the mandate “outrageous” and asked Catholics to join him “by speaking out for the protection of conscience rights and religious liberty.” (Priests for Life)

“LGBT” ideology

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  • Bishop Vann instructed his diocese to resume kneeling after the “Agnus Dei” during Mass. Vann stated that this change was to “continue to foster devotion and belief in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.” (St. Angela Merici Catholic Church)

Marriage and Family Life

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  • Bishop Vann serves on the episcopal advisory board of the Theology of the Body Evangelization Team, a grassroots organization founded in 2001 that promotes marriage prep, seminars and education cirriculum across the United States rooted in Theology of the Body. (Theology of the Body Evangelization Team)


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  • Bishop Vann serves on the ecclesiastical advisory board of the California-based Napa Institute. The Napa Institute holds conferences, symposiums and events across the U.S. that features faithful Catholics, priests and bishops who encourage Catholic leaders to fight secularism and building an authentically Christian America. (Napa Institute)
  • In 2006, Bishop Vann described The Da Vinci Code as “a resurgence of Gnostic heresies.” He supported Tradition, Family and Property’s peaceful protests of the film. (Tradition, Family and Property)