Bishop Thomas A. Daly

Birthday: 30 April 1960

Bachelor of Arts – University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
Master’s of Divinity – St. Patrick Seminary, Menlo Park, CA
Master’s in Education – Boston College, Boston, MA

Ordination: 9 May 1987
Episcopate: 25 May 2011
Facebook Twitter 509-358-7305

Bishop Thomas A. Daly on the Issues

Viganò testimony

Supports investigating Archbishop Viganò’s claims
  • In response to the Pennsylvania report’s disturbing allegations of sexual abuse, Bishop Daly released a forceful video strongly rebuking sex abuse and those who covered it up. Daly blamed “immoral actions,” not “clericalism” for the crisis. He said there is a “diabolical nature” to the abuse and “we have to uncover hidden sins.” Daly said he supports Cardinal DiNardo’s call to investigate Archbishop Vigano’s allegations. (LifeSiteNews)

Amoris Laetitia

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  • In a 2019 interview, Bishop Daly took a strong stand against allowing communion for divorce and remarried couples. Daly stated that it is crucially important that the Church does not “compromise what Jesus taught.” While Daly acknowledged the Church’s “mission of mercy,” he stated that he does not believe this policy to be “harsh.” (Inlander)

Pro-life leadership

Actively engages in pro-life leadership
  • In a joint statement with other Washington bishops, Bishop Daly urged the governor of Washington to veto Senate Bill 6219 which mandated abortion coverage in state insurance plans. Daly called this bill an “assault” on “the inherent dignity of every human person from the moment of conception until natural death.” (Northwest Catholic)
  • On January 23, 2017, Bishop Daly celebrated the Archdiocese of Seattle’s Mass for Life at St. Martin’s University. In his homily, Bishop Daly stated, “by its very nature, human life demands absolute protection from conception to natural death,” and he urged those present to help build a “culture of life.” (Diocese of Spokane)
  • On October 1, 2016, Bishop Daly led a pro-life living rosary with children from throughout the diocese at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Lourdes. (Twitter)


Upholds Church teaching on homosexuality
  • At a gathering of US bishops in Baltimore in 2018, Bishop Daly was outspoken against many bishops’ toleration of homosexual activity in the clergy. Daly called for a thorough look into seminaries and novitiates in order to clean up homosexual activity in the Church. Daly also rejected Cardinal Cupich’s claim that clerical sexual abuse crisis was caused by “clericalism.” Instead, Daly said, “There is truly a diabolical nature to this crisis. It is not clericalism. It is a crisis, an immoral crisis. Prayers and fasting are needed as a foundation on which real reform can be built.” (Church Militant)

Abortion politics

Upholds Church teaching on abortion politics
  • In a 2019 letter to his diocese, Bishop Daly upheld Canon 915 and admonished pro-abortion Catholic politicians saying, “Politicians who reside in the Catholic Diocese of Spokane, and who obstinately persevere in their public support for abortion, should not receive Communion without first being reconciled to Christ and the Church.” (Diocese of Spokane)


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“LGBT” ideology

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  • Bishop Daly served as a faculty member and gave a speech at the 7th annual Sacred Liturgy Conference in Spokane, Washington in May of 2019. (New Liturgical Movement)

Marriage and Family Life

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